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Linking a Credit Card


Tallie can be used to automatically import your credit card transactions to help keep track of your expenses. This can be done by linking a credit card.

This article will show you, a report submitter, how to link a credit card to your Tallie account and set up auto-import.

Step 1: Login to your Tallie account and click on the Credit Cards tab.


Step 2: Click Add a Credit Card.


Step 3: Search for your bank by typing in the name of the bank or bank's website. Alternatively, you can select from the popular banks in the list below.


Step 4: Once you've selected your bank, enter your own login credentials for your online banking.

  • If the card you're adding is a company card, check Company pays this card (non-reimbursable).
  • If you would like all transactions from your statement to be automatically created as expenses in Tallie, check Auto import this card.

Then, click Sign in.


Step 5: Once the connection is made, you will be shown the available card. When you're ready, select the card. Then, click Add to Tallie. At this point, your bank has been connected successfully and you can begin importing transactions.



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