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Release Notes: February 1, 2018


Receipt Zoom and Download

Two new functions, Zoom and Receipt Download, have been added for users. The feature will be available at any point you can interact with a receipt, including the Purchases, Expense Reports, Approval, and Export pages.


Statement Upload Now Supports Credit Card Subaccounts

The manual credit card upload feature now has the ability to split out transactions into subaccounts. This manual upload subaccount profile shares the same settings as other credit card profiles. You can configure for transactions to be auto-imported and/or assign subaccounts to different cardholders.


Export Expense Reports to Intacct using User's Default Currency

We now support exporting expense reports to Intacct using user default currency. With the implementation of this story, we will calculate the company currency to user currency conversion when exporting an expense report to Intacct.

Improvements to Intacct Memory to Increase Speed

We have made several improvements to mitigate export slowness and further improve Intacct sync reliability when processing large syncs. 

Replaced Finicity AMEX connection with the Yodlee one

The default American Express card connection has been switched from Finicity to Yodlee as of 1/9/2018 to address a faulty connection. 

New Field Addition in CSV Template

Employee Vendor Code is now available as a field to pull from in CSV export templates.


Enhancement to Lock Corporate Card Transaction Dates

We’ve added a new setting to prevent submitters from editing the dates of corporate card expenses.



Mobile Notification for Deleted Reports

We added a message to notify the mobile apps that an expense report is deleted so that users do not have to exit and re-enter the app to remove the reports.

Expense Total Enhancement in Spreadsheet View

Previously, if a policy for a reimbursement limit has been enabled and a user entered an expense that exceeded the limit, the original expense value would be displayed on the Purchases page Spreadsheet view. Now,  all Purchases page views and Expense Report page views reflect the reimbursement limit.



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