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Receipt Upload Tips


Once a receipt is uploaded to Tallie, whether through drag & dropemailAndroid or iOS app, our receipt-handling algorithm (Optical Character Recognition, OCR) will begin to gather information including vendor name, date, and amount from the image. Depending on the image resolution, the length of the process may vary.

During the scanning process, you may click on the Pencil (edit) icon in the Purchase tile or tap the transaction in the mobile app to enter the details manually.

To get the fastest response time in receipt scanning, follow the rules below when capturing receipt images:

  • Line up edges and capture the whole receipt​. receipt_tips_1.JPG receipt_tips_2.JPG
  • Tap your device’s screen to focus. receipt_tips_3.JPGreceipt_tips_4.JPG
  • Take the picture from straight above the receipt rather than at an angle. receipt_tips_5.JPGreceipt_tips_6.JPG


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