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Uploading Expense Categories


This article will show you how to upload your expense categories.

To upload a list of expense categories:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Manage Lists.
  • Click on Upload Category List


  • Click Download Expense Category List Template to save a copy of the CSV template on your computer. exp_cat_2.jpg
  • When populating the sheet, note that:
    • Expense Category Name is required.
    • The Expense Category Type must match exactly with the drop-down menu in Tallie (see screenshot below). If you don’t see a suitable type for a category, we recommend that you go with Miscellaneous. If the field is not supported or left blank, the default Unknown type will be used. 


    • If “Mileage” is in the category name, Fixed Rate and Start Date are required.
    • Fixed Rate field should contain numbers only – currency symbols are not supported.
    • Start Date/End Date fields must be populated in date format. exp_cat_4.jpg
  • Once ready, drag and drop the file into the upload window, or click the paper clip and select the file. exp_cat_5.jpg
  • Wait a few seconds for Tallie to process the file.
    • If an expense category name already exists in Tallie (i.e. names are an exact match), Tallie will overwrite the old record with updated information, including empty fields. exp_cat_6.jpg
  • A confirmation screen will appear once the upload is complete. You may click Close to return back to your Expense Category area. Now, simply map each new expense category to its corresponding Expense Account or Item based on your accounting system. exp_cat_7.jpg
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