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Purchases Page Overview


All unsubmitted expenses will be located on the Purchases page. You can use the Purchases page to manage and organize your expenses before submitting them in a report. This article will show you how to toggle views, sort headers, and select/deselect all within the Purchases page. 

Switch Between the Tile and Table view

  • To access the Tile view click the Tiled Receipt Icon in the upper right hand corner of the purchase page. purchases_1.jpg
  • To access the Table view click the Table Icon in the upper right hand corner of the purchases page. purchases_2.jpg
  • To access the Spreadsheet view, click the Spreadsheet Icon in the upper right hand corner of the purchases page. purchases_3.jpg

Spreadsheet view

The Spreadsheet view is designed to offer enhanced visibility by displaying all expense details in a spreadsheet table. Each cell is editable and can support tabs and returns to navigate between cells, granting users the ability to rapidly edit their expenses while saving time

  • Hit the Return key saves the current cell’s content and navigates to the cell below.
  • The Tab key moves the cursor to the cell on the right after saving the current cell’s content.
  • Hold down the shift key + Return saves the current cell’s content and takes you to the cell above it.
  • Hold down the Shift + Tab saves the current cell before moving the cursor to the cell on the left. purchases_4.png

Sort by Column Headers

  • From the Table View you can click the column headers to sort expenses. 
  • Click the next to the search field to return to the original display. purchases_5.jpg

Select All/ Deselect All

  • Click on the expense tile icon to select an expense. purchases_6.jpg
  • Once a tile is selected you can click the green button that appears in the left hand corner to select all.


  • Click the button again to deselect all expenses. purchases_8.jpg
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