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Exporting to QuickBooks


After an expense report has been completely approved, the data is ready to the exported into QuickBooks.

To Export a Report into QuickBooks:

  • Click on the Export Page.
  • Review the list of reports to identify the reports you would like to Export.
  • You can Click View to expand the report and make any necessary edits to expenses.
  • Click the Export button next to a report to export one report at a time.
  • Click Export All to export all reports listed on the Export Page.
  • If you believe information was not exported properly (for example, if TallieConnect wasn’t on), then you can click View Archived Reports to re-export.
  • Please Note: Admins can still view the expense report and make any necessary edits prior to export or reject it back to the user if there is missing information. export_to_qb_1.jpg

If there are issues with the export, Export Errors will appear in red. To resolve:

  • Click View to expand the report and identify the expenses that are causing the error.
  • The export error will specify the setting in question. Modify it accordingly.
  • When finished, return to the Export page and click Export once more. export_to_qb_2.jpg
  • See Finding Exported Data in QuickBooks to locate your data.


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