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Release Notes: June 15, 2018

Follow Sync Resolution

Issues experienced by Silicon Valley Bank customers syncing Tallie and are now resolved. Previously, a blocker prevented the sync. 

Purchases Page Now Loading Quotation Marks

The Purchases page previously had trouble loading class, department, and location names that contained quotation marks assigned to the user. This has also been resolved.

'Exported Bills/Expense Reports Setting' Returns

The Exported bills/expense reports should have status" setting has been brought back. Previously, it was missing for Intacct and Xero. 

Xero: Exported bills should have status

  • Draft
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Awaiting Payment

Intacct: Exported expense reports should have status

  • Draft
  • Approved

NetSuite: Exported reimbursable expenses should have status

  • Approved
  • Awaiting Approval

Identical Project Names Now Appearing Correctly

An issue regarding identical Project names within a Practice Management Software altered the project name in Tallie to only show one of the values. With this release, identical project names will now all show in Tallie when imported in. 

Expense Currency Selection Based on Merchant Feature

A new feature within the mobile app has the capability to populate the expense currency based on the merchant location to improve accuracy.

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