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Release Notes: July 19, 2018


Line Item Rejection

Previously, if an approver needed to reject an expense, they would need to reject the entire expense report. Tallie now has a feature that allows approvers to reject a single expense rather than the whole report. 

For new customers, this feature will default on. For existing customers, you'll find an additional setting nested in your Features page.


See: Enabling Line Item Rejection & Rejecting a Single Expense

Enhanced Error Status Messages

No Receipt Data Extracted: This is displayed when no receipt processing data is returned due to the image being flagged as not receipt or poor image quality.


Trial Limit Reached: This is displayed when a free trial user has uploaded more than 100 receipts. The merchant name will indicate that trial limit has been exceeded as well. This goes away once the user enters billing information.


Additional CSV Export Fields

Export fields added:

  • Expense Day (DD)
  • Expense Month (MM)
  • Expense Year (YYYY)
  • Expense Report Submission Day (DD)
  • Expense Report Submission Month (MM)
  • Expense Report Submission Year (YYYY)
  • Expense Report Approval Day (DD)
  • Expense Report Approval Month (MM)
  • Expense Report Approval Year (YYYY)
  • Expense Report Export Day (DD)
  • Expense Report Export Month (MM)
  • Expense Report Export Year (YYYY)

Blank Transaction Issue Fix

Some users have experienced American Express transactions missing merchants and correct amount information. We have implemented measures to retry at the time of import, in addition to extra logging for better troubleshooting. 

Enhanced Colors

We've enhanced our colors inside the user interface due to previous color inconsistencies. 



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