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Reconciling Bank Transactions Imported from a Bank Feed


If you're utilizing the bank feed feature in Tallie, you'll be able to start reconciling your expense reports. You'll have the option to review your transactions monthly or weekly before submitting.

This article will show you, a report submitter how to reconcile your bank feed imported expenses.

Monthly Reconciliations

Step 1: Login to your Tallie account and click the Expense Reports page.


Step 2: If you're already using the bank feed feature, your bank transactions will be imported. New bank transactions will be automatically put into an expense report.

Step 2a: Monthly Reconciliations allow you to review bank transactions created throughout the month. At the end of the month, review your transactions and click Submit Report to send.


Step 2b: Weekly Reconciliations are similar to the monthly schedule but are reviewed weekly instead of monthly. Review your transactions on the monthly report and once verified, click Submit Report. 

Please Note: If you're submitting your report on a different day than the date specified on your card details page, the message below will appear. Simply click Submit Report again to complete.


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