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Release Notes: August 31, 2018


SAML Authentication

SAML users have been experiencing errors when accessing Tallie. We have implemented some fixes to alleviate denied access, corrected access for archived/activated users, and improved issues with email invites.

Send Invite Options Enabled for Accounts That Utilize SAML Authentication

We’ve added back the ability to send invite and password reset for SAML enterprises, so that admins and/or our support team can use them to troubleshoot SAML access issues.

This is available in the following places:

1. The People list's Last Login column

2. Send Login Information (select a user > click the down arrow in the Mass Update button)

3. User details view > select Send Invite on Save > Save

Tallie_Release_Notes.png Improved HTML Receipt Forwarding

Many clients experienced issues forwarding HTML receipts into Tallie. The issue was found to be that the emails were timing out due to the HTML format. We have implemented system checks to make HTML receipt forwarding more reliable. 

1. Lengthened the time before Tallie stops loading the email.

2. If no image is present, Tallie will still attempt to render the receipt text.

3. If plain text fails, Tallie will create a placeholder expense item without an image, and with the email subject as the merchant name.

Added Support for Unpaired Foreign Transaction Fees

Different banks send foreign transaction fees differently to Tallie. Those that provide a specific transaction ID allow the fee to be tied to the original transaction and easily reported in Tallie.

For those banks that do not send a specific transaction ID, the fee would come in as a separate transaction in which Tallie could not properly recognize. We've made proper updates to handle fees missing the specific transaction ID.

Performance Improvements

The website is now moving a little quicker and you may notice faster speed in export, credit card transaction import, merging expenses, etc.

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