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Release Notes: October 10, 2018


Update to Auto-Categorization Functionality

The designation of credit card auto-categorization has been updated to match manual expense auto-categorization. Previously, expenses from certain merchants may get auto-categorized with the wrong expense category when they have exported data with the merchant mapped to the right expense category.

Merchant-based auto-categorization is now used first (from exported data), and credit card transaction categories will only be used when manual expense auto-categorization isn't available.

HELP Button Update

The HELP Button located on the Tallie website will now take users to, our online Help Center, when clicked. Here, you can browse articles, watch videos, and contact Tallie Support Experts via chat.



Site Updates

The commas that get displayed when no billing address is present have been removed.


In free trial accounts, the Save button has been replaced with Next to make it clear that a next step is needed to complete the purchase.


Affiliate billing emails have been updated so they display resold account names again.


Previously, the person type in Tallie was locked down when the account was connected to a NetSuite-integrated account. We've made the person type editable now.







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