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Release Notes: November 14, 2018


Added Alert for Billing Administrators

An alert has been added to the header bar of Tallie for when the billing address has not been added on the account. 



What is happening: Beginning 11/14/2018, the Billing tab in Tallie will be updated with fields designated for the address of the organization being billed for the Tallie account. In addition, an alert will be present on the header bar of Tallie when an address has not been added for a given Tallie account.

Who will this update affect?: Only users with the Billing permission will see the alert that indicates that an address is missing. The Billing permission is required to view the Billing tab itself, so only these users will be able to see and update the address fields. Users without the Billing permission will not be affected by any of these changes.

Why has this update been included: Tallie does not currently collect the addresses of our clients. In order to ensure we have up to date records for all of our clients, this is information we’re looking to gather at this time.

Resold accounts now receive their affiliate's SAML configuration

Affiliate admins who intend to configure SAML authentication using the same identity provider (IdP) for their resold clients are now able to do so.

Additionally, users who have never signed in prior to SAML are now able to sign in, and new resold clients can use affiliate's existing SAML configuration.

Resold Account Names on Affiliate Payment Emails

Resold account names are now shown in affiliate payment emails.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: User identity remain "unconfirmed" despite attempts to fix account access issue
  • Fixed: Expense reports are occasionally not summing correct totals
  • Fixed: Transaction dates are still editable in spreadsheet view when "Lock Credit Card Dates" is set to Yes.





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