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Release Notes: January 28, 2019


Tallie Mobile App: Update to "Add New Receipt" Button

An update to the iOS version of the Tallie mobile app has been made so that when the "Add New Receipt" button is clicked in the receipt actions menu, the receipt automatically attaches to the currently viewed expense.

Previously on the Android version of the mobile app, when trying to capture additional receipt images for existing expenses, a new expense would be created. Now when capturing photos for an existing expense they are simply added to it.


iOS: Make sure the attendees search field auto-wraps

An update has been made to the iOS version of the Tallie Mobile App so there are no more overlapping names in the search field.

Android: No more blank receipt images when using Tallie Camera with the flash turned on

The Android version of the Tallie Mobile App has been updated so receipt images will show when taken with flash. This bug was specific to Android version 8.1.0.

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