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Release Notes: February 14, 2019


NetSuite Integration

NetSuite. This integration leverages token authentication (TBA) instead of user credentials. TBA offers benefits including ease of maintenance and added stability in the integration processes by reducing timeout and credential errors.


Tallie will sync in all of the standard list data from NetSuite: Employees, Projects/Jobs, Customers, Departments, Locations, Classes, Items, Accounts, and Expense Categories.

Admins can use activity-based sync with NetSuite and have additions and edits made in either system reflected in the other within seconds. To learn more about syncing between Tallie and NetSuite, click here.


On the export side, expense reports in Tallie can be exported as vendor bills for both reimbursable and corporate card expenses. Expense Categories can be synced in from NetSuite, which further reduces the need for manual configuration.

From Tallie export settings, admins can control approval statustransaction date, and the Accounts Payable account to use when creating bills.


For more information about configuring NetSuite and Tallie, click here.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Updated the calls made to the Google+API.
  • Fixed: Some itemized expenses are flagged as out of policy even though all policy requirements are fulfilled.
  • Fixed: Internal Server Error encountered when loading the Groups page.
  • Fixed: Purchases page drag and drop area doesn't fill the entire browser.
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