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Syncing Tallie and NetSuite


Once NetSuite is connected to your Tallie account, you can begin syncing between your Tallie and NetSuite accounts.

This article will show you, a Tallie user, how to sync between your Tallie and NetSuite accounts.

 Step 1: You have three options for syncing between Tallie and NetSuite:

  • Default sync: By default, once you set up NetSuite and Tallie, they will sync every two hours.
  • Real-Time sync: Completed within your NetSuite account. This auto-sync occurs whenever changes are made.
  • Manual sync: Manually initiate a sync from your Tallie account.

Step 2: To initiate a real-time sync in your NetSuite account, start by clicking Customization, then hover over SuiteBuilder. Next, hover over Search & Install Bundles followed by clicking List.


Step 3: On the Search & Install Bundles page, type Tallie Integration Bundle into the Keywords field and click Search.


Step 4: The Installation Terms of Service section appears. Select Tallie Integration Bundle.


Step 5: The Bundle Details page opens. Click Install.


Step 6: To manually sync at any time, click the gear icon on your Tallie homepage to access your account settings.


Step 7: Click Integration & Sync.


Step 8: Click Sync now.



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