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Release Notes: May 9, 2019


Locations Support for QuickBooks Online and Integrations

Bi-Directional Sync for QuickBooks Online Location list

Tallie users who track locations within QuickBooks Online (QBO) will now have the ability to run a bi-directional sync between the systems (link this sentence out to published article). This means locations created or managed within Tallie will be automatically populated in QBO, and vice-versa.

Export Transactions with Locations to QuickBooks Online

When exporting your expense report from Tallie to QBO, you'll now have the option for your checks and bills to be grouped based on location mapping. The location mapping can be found in the header for a check or bill within QBO. For example, here is an expense report in Tallie:


The expense report is exported to QBO as the following transactions:

Bill #1 includes two transactions mapped to the California location:


Bill #2 includes two transactions that are mapped to the Oregon location:


When an expense report is exported as multiple transactions, the bill/check/credit card charge reference numbers will be numbered as "Tallie 12", "Tallie 12.1", "Tallie 12.2", etc.

Location tracking for integration

Location tracking is now available for accounts that sync with, or both. Exporting bills with location mapping at the line item level to Bill.comb is now possible as well.

Populating User Default Mapping Only When Appropriate 


We have made sure that user default mapping will only get populated on expenses when list tracking is enabled.

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