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Release Notes: May 29, 2019


Credit Card Connection Flow

The credit card connection flow has been updated to help guide users to the connection method that is right for them. Previously, users found it unclear as to which one of the various connection methods was right for their specific bank and product line.

Now, when users click the Add a Credit Card button, they'll be asked to provide specific card information and will be guided through the process. For further information about linking a credit card, see our article here.


Enhancement for NetSuite billable export

Previously, admins were allowed to export billable expenses without customer mapping as NetSuite accepted both. 

Recently however, NetSuite introduced some changes around the requirements for billable transactions. As a result, Tallie users were getting blocked when exporting and had to map a customer to all expenses exported to NetSuite, billable or not.

Because of this, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Validate that customer mapping exists for all billable expenses: this happens in Tallie before we call the NetSuite API, making the export process go smoother
  • Made it possible to export non-billable expenses to NetSuite without a customer mapping
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