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Release Notes: August 1, 2019


New Tier-Based Pricing


Tallie has released a new pricing model for customers. The new pricing model includes three tiers of functionality, based on integration

  • Basic Accounting
  • Cash Control
  • Cloud ERP

For information tier pricing, click here. For current Tallie customers, there aren't any automatic changes to your pricing. However, you will be able to opt in to the new pricing model at any time.

The billing cycle remains unchanged, and continues to occur on the 1st of every month for customers using the legacy or the new tiered model.

Qualified tiers, upgrade, and downgrade

Customers on the tiered billing model can upgrade their account at any time. A downgrade can also be done by contacting Tallie Support. Upgrades and downgrades can be made anytime throughout the month. Depending on the features enabled within the account, certain tiers may not be available for selection.

Billing emails

Invoice and payment emails will continue to be sent to the billing admins at each company. The email design for tiered billing invoices and receipts is identical as legacy pricing.

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