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Tips & Tricks: Auto-Split


When an expense needs to be evenly split out to several sub-items, you can use this feature to automatically divide it without having to enter the same amount for multiple itemized expenses.

  • On your Purchases page, locate the expense that needs to be evenly split out. Hover over the triangle located on the lower right-hand corner and select Edit Expense


  • In the edit window, scroll down and click on Itemize Expense


  • From here, enter the details for the first expense item.
    • The Project field is required for auto-split to work, so make sure you entered it.
    • The amount for each individual item should be entered as 0


  • After you’ve entered the details for the first item, click Add New Item and repeat the previous step. Again, be sure to add a project and set the amount to 0. 


  • Click Save once all items have been added. Tallie will evenly divide the expense total among the items you’ve just created.

Please Note: if the total is not evenly divisible by the number of items, add on remaining pennies to one of the items.


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