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Creating a Mileage Expense


You can create a new mileage expense either from the Purchases page or from within an expense report. This article will show you how to create a mileage expense. 

  • Click on the car icon to begin.


  • First, indicate if this is a One Way or a Round Trip expense. 


  • When entering From & To addresses, it is imperative to use the Google suggested addresses. Otherwise, Google will not be able to calculate the mileage. Once you click on the suggested address, the map in the expense will update. 



  • After you have entered your To address, the map will show the red (A) and blue (B) map pins. At the bottom of the expense, the distance will populate. 


  • Fill in the rest of the fields of information appropriately.
  • Once you save, the total amount will appear on the expense. This is calculated by multiplying the rate by the distance traveled. 


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