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Updating TallieConnect


Every once in a while, we release a new version of TallieConnect with enhanced stability and performance improvements. We recommend users to update to the newest release. This article will show you how to uninstall a previous version of, install the newest version of, and configure TallieConnect.

Uninstalling TallieConnect

To ensure a complete installation, we recommend un-installing any old versions of TallieConnect you may have installed on your machine prior to installing the new version. To check the version of the TallieConnect you’re running, simply right-click on the TallieConnect icon in the system tray, and select About.

  • Navigate to the TallieConnect program folder on your computer. By default, this is usually located in:
    • C Drive
    • Program Files (x86)
    • SpringAhead
    • TallieConnect
  • If you’ve previously customized the install location of TallieConnect, the location of the uninstaller may vary.
  • Find and run the application labeled UnInstall_TallieConnect


  • Click Uninstall within the uninstaller.
  • Close the application when the uninstallation is complete.

Installing the New TallieConnect

  • Login to your Tallie account.
  • Navigate to the Settings area by clicking the Gear icon in the upper-right. You may also click your name and select Settings


  • Click the Download TallieConnect button.
    • From the Settings > Home page: 


    • From the Settings > Integration & Sync > Overview page: 


  • When the download finishes, run the TallieConnect Installer and click Next on the first screen.
  • If you’re a hosting provider who’s installing TallieConnect for a client, check the Hosted Environment Setup option. Otherwise, click Next to install TallieConnect on your local drive. 


  • Click Install. 


  • Once the installation is complete, click Finish


Configuring TallieConnect

  • Locate the TallieConnect icon in your system tray.
  • Please Note: You may need to select the upward arrow and select the icon from the list that appears. 


  • Right-click the icon and select Sign in and connect to Quickbooks.
  • Enter your Tallie login credentials, and click Sign In


  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish configuring TallieConnect.
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