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Android: Creating Expenses and Uploading Receipts


The Tallie Android app allows users to track expenses on the go. Users can simply take a picture of their receipts at the point of purchase and upload it to the app.

This article will show you how to create expenses and submit receipts using the Tallie mobile app.

Creating Expenses

Creating expenses in the Tallie Android app is as simple as taking a picture:

  • From the New Expenses report, tap the circular + button at the bottom of the screen to launch the Tallie camera. You’ll find other methods to create expenses available below, simply tap on them or swipe left or right to begin. 



Please Note: You can use the Search feature in expense create and edit views. Most dimensions now have search boxes where users can enter a customer, project, class, location, etc. to quickly search and map the correct entity to an expense without having to scroll through the selection menu.


  • Focus the camera on a receipt and tap the camera button to capture the image.
  • Tap Save to upload it to your Tallie account.
  • The image will be sent through our receipt processing system where its merchant, date and amount data will be discerned.
  • If possible, Tallie will also categorize the new expense based on its similarity to previous expenses that have been submitted. 



  • Tap the Pencil to enter the expense details yourself instead of letting it go through receipt processing, or tap the X to cancel the upload.
  • While the receipt is processing, you can tap on the expense to reveal more details.
  • Tapping again on the image thumbnail will reveal the full receipt image.

Import from Library

  • You can also tap the Library button to access receipt images stored in your Android Gallery.
  • Select one or several receipts you wish to upload and tap Import, and Tallie will begin to process them for expense data. 


Import from Android Library

  • You can also use the share feature native to your Android to send the receipts to Tallie.
  • To do so, launch the camera album on your phone and select one or few receipt images, and you will have the option to select which app to share the files with. You may need to tap “More” and enable Tallie if it’s not already visible.
  • Once you tap on the Tallie icon, the Tallie app will launch and ask you to select a report to import these receipts to. 




  • Tap the Car icon to track mileage.
  • You can tap Start to use your current location as the starting point or enter an alternative address, city, or business name, etc.
  • And then, tap Stop to use your current location as the destination, or enter a different address. 


  • To switch between one-way and round trip, tap the arrow(s) to the right of the address fields.
  • Once starting point and destination are set, tap Save to begin mileage calculation, or tap the Pencil to edit other details for this expense. 



Create Manually

  • Don’t have a receipt? No problem. Simply tap the Pencil icon to begin entering the pertinent data of an expense, and tap Save when completed.   



Delete Expenses

To delete an expense:

  • Tap the circular category icon to select the expense
  • Then, tap the trash can-looking delete button that has appeared in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • If you happen to have selected an expense by accident, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 



  • You will be asked to confirm before the expense is deleted. To confirm, tap DELETE


  • If necessary, you will be able to undo the delete action from the next screen by tapping the red band at the top. Once you navigate away from the screen the expense is deleted permanently. 


Duplicate Expenses

To duplicate an expense:

  • From the Expense Report view, tap on the expense you wish to duplicate to expand it.
  • Tap on the button with 3 dots in the upper-right corner. 


  • Select Duplicate. This option is available for mileage and manually-created expenses only. Note that currently, duplicated expenses are missing the reasons and receipts associated with the original expense. Our developers are working on including them in duplicated expenses. 


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