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Mapping Intacct & Xero Locations


Tallie supports Intacct and Xero locations and you can map them to projects and/or people. These are default settings and expense trackers will not be able to select their own locations on each transaction. Locations must be created in Intacct or Xero, then synced to and Tallie. New locations created in Tallie will not be synced back to and Intacct/Xero due to a restriction in the integration path. This article will show you how to map locations for users and projects.

User Location

  1. To map a user to a location, go to Settings Manage Lists People.
  2. Click on an employee’s name to modify settings and go to the Mapping tab.
  3. Select a Location, and click Save. 


Project Location

  1. To map a project’s location, go to Settings Manage Lists Projects.
  2. Click on the project name to modify settings, and go to the Details tab.
  3. Select a Location, and click Save.


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