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Updating your NetSuite Integration to Send Attachments


This Tallie Integration Bundle allows users to opt into export attachment to NetSuite. Along with each AP Bill exported to NetSuiteTallie sends a PDF file of the expense report that includes all receipts to the Communication > File area of the bill. The same PDF report is always available from the printer icon on each expense report in Tallie.

If your current Tallie Integration bundle is 1.0.2 or newer, you're already equipped with attachment export capability and do not need to continue. If attachments aren't appearing, please contact Tallie Support.

This article shows you, a Tallie Administrator, how to send attachments to NetSuite by first Updating your Integration.

Step 1: Login to NetSuite as the Administrator. Then, in the menu bar:

  • Hover over Customization
  • Hover over SuiteBundler
  • Hover over Search & Install Bundles
  • Click List


Step 2: Find Tallie Integration in the list. Hover over the green icon and click Update.


Step 3: Once the bundle has been updated to version 1.0.2,:

  • Hover over Setup
  • Hover over Integration
  • Hover over Manage Integrations
  • Click New


Step 4: Use the following details to create an integration record:

  • Name: Tallie Integration
  • State: Enabled
  • Select the Token-Based Authentication (TBA) and leave everything else unselected

Click Save when complete.


Step 5: Take note of the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.


Step 6: Next, hover over Setup followed by User/Roles. Then, hover over Access Tokens and click New.


Step 7: Use the following details to create a new token:

  • Application Name: Tallie Integration
  • User: Any user who has been assigned the Tallie Integration role
  • Role: Tallie Integration
  • Leave the Token Name as is

Click Save when complete.


Step 8: Take note of the TokenID and Token Secret strings.


Step 9: Hover over Setup followed by Company. Then, click Company Information.


Step 10: Take note of the Account ID.


Step 11: Now in Tallie, go to Settings followed by Integration and Sync. Then, click Sync Settings.


Step 12: Click Update Authentication.


Step 13: Enter the Account IDConsumer KeyConsumer SecretToken Key, and Token Secret. When complete, click Connect.


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