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Using Executive Assistant


Our Executive Assistant feature allows the executive assistant to manage their executive’s account while removing the requirement to share an executive’s password. This article will show you how to enable and use Executive Assistant. 

Enable Executive Assistant

To enable the Executive Assistant feature, navigate to settings > company preferences > features and toggle "Executive Assistant" to "Yes."

Set Up Executive Assistant

Before an individual can be set up as an executive assistant, that individual must have logged into the system in the past. To setup the user with executive assistant permission, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the Settings Manage Lists > People > click on the name of the individual.
  • Within the individual's profile setting, click on the Permissions tab.
  • Toggle the Executive Assistant - Access/Manage Other Accounts button to YES.
    • Please Note: You will only see this option if the person has previously logged into the account. 


  • Click the Add Person button. 


  • In the Pick a Person to Access/Manage field, select the person this individual manages. Grant the permissions the individual has when managing that person's account. 


  • Enter a Start Date. This is required for this function to work. End Date however is not required.
  • Click the Add Person button to save changes.
    • Please Note: To add more people who the executive assistant will manage, click the Add Person button and follow the steps below.


  • Click the Save or Save and Exit buttons to save changes.

Revoke Executive Assistant's Permission To Manage Another Account

To remove a person from the executive assistant's manage list, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to Settings > Manage Lists > People page.
  • Click on the executive assistant's name to open the user profile in edit view.
  • Go to the Permissions tab.
  • Click on the trash bin icon. 


  • Click Save or Save and Exit buttons to save changes.

Revoke Executive Assistant's Permission Altogether

To remove the executive assistant's permission to manage other people's accounts, follow instructions below.

  • Navigate to Settings > Manage Lists > People page.
  • Click on the executive assistant's name to open the user profile in edit view.
  • Go to the Permissions tab.
  • Toggle the Executive Assistant - Access/Manage Other Accounts button to NO.


  • Click Save or Save and Exit buttons to save changes.

Switch Between Accounts

  • When the executive assistant logs into their Tallie account, he/she will be brought to the Identity Details page.
  • Please Note: The executive assistant's account will be listed in Green, while the accounts he/she manages are in blue. 


  • Click on the account you are managing (e.g., John Smith).
    • Please Note: The executive assistant’s name will be listed on the upper right-hand corner and the person he/she is managing where the blue banner is. 


  • To switch from the executive assistant’s account, click on the executive’s name on the upper right-hand corner and click on the account to switch to. 



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