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Archiving Expense Reports


If you do not need to export certain expense reports to your accounting system, you can simply archive them in Tallie so your Export page doesn’t become cluttered with historical expenses. Archived reports can be found in the Exported area in Tallie. This article will show you how to archive reports. 

How to Archive Expense Reports

To archive expense reports:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Integration & Sync.
  • Select Export Settings.
  • Change "Expense Payment" and/or "Non-Reimbursable Expenses" export destination to Archive. 


  • Click Save.
  • Navigate to the Export page, and click the Export button to the right of the reports you wish to archive.
  • To archive all on the current page, click Export All in the upper-left corner. 


  • [Optional] If you only plan on archiving specific reports, you will want to switch your settings back to export to accounting for future exports. Simply click Archive in the upper-left corner of the Export page, and you’ll be taken directly to the Export Settings area to re-select and save the appropriate export destinations again. 


Review Archived Reports

To review your archived reports, click View Exported Expenses in the top-right corner of the Export page.


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