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Release Notes: June 26, 2020


Mapping Expense Categories is now easier than ever

New components have been introduced to the expense category functionality, all designed to improve the account and item mapping workflow during expense category creation:

  • Map Account and/or Item via Expense Category Upload

  • Generate an Expense Category from an Account

  • Generate an Expense Category from an Item

  • Mass Create Expense Categories from Account and Item Lists

For further information on using these enhancements, view our article on Mapping Expense Category Enhancements

Finicity Connect Lite


The Finicity connections offered in Tallie have been upgraded from the soon-to-be-deprecated Finicity Legacy API to the Finicity Connect Lite API. With this upgrade, the credit card connection flow for Finicity connections is now going to use the Finicity Connect Lite UI, so it will be obvious whether a connection is Yodlee/OFX or Finicity.

Additionally, this integration upgrade unlocks additional token-based connection offerings for Wells FargoCapital OneChase, and USAA that we plan to add to Tallie in the near future. When that is complete, users will have additional options to work with when they go down the aggregator route for those banks. 

All new Finicity connections made following the release will be on the Finicity Connect Lite API. Existing Finicity connections will remain on the legacy API for now and will be migrated over some time in the upcoming quarter.

Fix it flow, MFA and error states


The Finicity Connect flow is capable of handling accounts that require MFA. Support portal users will also be able to set Finicity Connect connections to Fix It state per usual.

OAuth Connections for Wells Fargo, Capital One, Chase and USAA

With the upgrade to Finicity Connect API, we now also offer OAuth Connections for Wells FargoCapital OneChase, and USAA. Contact Support for more details.

Bug Fix Notes

Requirements specific to travel, meal, or entertainment type policies disappear on page save

This cosmetic issue where start and destination addresses, and attendees checkboxes disappear happens when an Admin saves a policy that involves a travel, meal, or entertainment type policy. While the policy is still enforced properly, this issue created confusion for admins. This has been solved.

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