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Intacct and Integrations with Tallie


This guide is for individuals whose Intacct account is integrated with While we're not able to connect Tallie to both platforms simultaneously, there are some benefits for choosing one setup over the other. This is particularly related to differences in corporate credit card handling between Intacct and This article will cover Tallie Direct to Intacct and Benefits.

Tallie Direct to Intacct Benefits

  1. Corporate card data can post to the Cash Management module.
  2. Corporate card merchant/payee details for reporting will contain the individual line items with the transaction date.
  3. Ability to track projects and customers on expenses in Intacct versus only using one of these lists in
  4. Debit cards are handled more smoothly in Cash Management than in since you won’t need to “pay” a debit card bill in Instead, the transactions will post as line items on the debit account register.
  5. A copy of the Tallie report containing the receipt images will be sent to Intacct, but will only reside within the Tallie and Intacct platforms.

Tallie Direct to Benefits

  1. You are able to send bills payable to a merchant name to This is helpful for reporting.
  2. You are able to export individual credit card transaction bills.
  3. If you would like for transaction bills to be marked as paid, you can only do this with the export to A direct to Intacct export would always mark the bills as unpaid.
  4. A copy of the Tallie report containing the receipt images will be sent to, but will only reside within the Tallie and platforms.

Please Note: If you use Intacct and with Tallie, you must always add new or edit existing list data in Intacct, and sync to and Tallie. Any new list information added in Tallie will not be synced back to and Intacct due to a restriction in the integration path.

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