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Switching Companies via TallieConnect


Admins who manage multiple Tallie accounts often need to perform sync and export for different companies. This article will walk you through how to switch companies in TallieConnect.

  • In your system icon tray, right-click on TallieConnect and select Settings. 


  • Enter your login credentials and click Sign In.
    • Please Note: Some admins have a single set of credentials that is linked to all accounts, while other may have a different login for each Tallie account they manage. 


  • Select the company you’re syncing or exporting for, and click Next. 


  • Confirm you have the correct QuickBooks file open, and then click Auto Detect QuickBooks. You can also browse manually.
    • Please Note: Do not sync your Tallie account with more than one QuickBooks file. 


  • You’ve successfully switched companies in TallieConnect and can now proceed to sync or export. Repeat this process whenever you need to switch companies and ensure you select the correct Tallie account and the proper QuickBooks file.
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