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Re-Exporting Reports


If you need to make changes to an exported expense report, such as when an expense is coded to the wrong project after it has been exported, simply correct it in Tallie and re-export.
When you export this data again, instead of creating new entries, Tallie will only update the check, bill or credit card charges previously exported with any new changes you made. This removes the possibility of duplicates and helps keep the entire accounting system aligned.

To edit an exported report and re-export it, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Export page.
  • Click View Exported Expenses.
  • Locate the report you wish to edit, and click Mark as Unexported.


  • From the Export page, make any necessary changes.
  • You can also reject the report back to the user if there’s missing information.
  • Once completed, click Export.
    • Please Note: The report will need to go through approvals once more if it was rejected.
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