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Using Affiliate Templates


Affiliate Templates make the process of creating new client accounts easier for our affiliates.  Because these templates control multiple areas of the settings in Tallie, we suggest configuring your common settings before creating a custom template. Once you create your new clients, you can further customize the new account.

This article will show you how to create a new client using an affiliate template, how to create a new affiliate template from a client account, and all settings controlled by affiliate templates.

How To Create A New Client Using An Affiliate Template

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing > Reseller Management.
  • Click "Add New Client."


  • Click "Next."


  • Enter the new client's company name.


  • Choose the template to base this new client account from. Please Note: Only "DefaultExpenseTemplate" is available until you create your own templates.


  • Enter the client administrators' information and click "Create Account." 


  • You will then be able to choose to either launch into the account or close and go back to the Reseller Management page. 

From the Reseller Management page, you will be able to see the new client account in your client list. 

How To Create A New Affiliate Template Based On A Client Account

  • From the Reseller Management page, locate the client you would like to base an affiliate template on. 
  • Click the pencil icon for that client.


  • Enter a name for your new template, then click "Create." 


  • Your new template will then appear in the Enterprise Template list at the bottom of your Reseller Management page .


You may also delete any affiliate templates that you create using the trash can icon to the right of the template name. The template "DefaultExpenseTemplate," however, cannot be deleted. 

Settings Controlled By Affiliate Templates

Only certain settings will be carried over into your affiliate templates. They are listed below, sorted by page. 

  1. Company Preferences - all features, all fields in the customize page other than "Expense Report Legal Text," "Approver's Page Legal Text," and "Custom List Names," and all policies are controlled by affiliate templates
  2. Integration & Sync - not controlled by affiliate templates
  3. Manage Lists - Only the expense category list is controlled by affiliate templates
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