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Class, Items, and Account Overview


Classes, Items, and Accounts contain list data that is imported from your accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks or into Tallie. Adding new data or changing data in one system will be synced into the other. 

  • Classes: Classes are a way to categorize projects, departments, locations and branches. If you have classes entered in your accounting software, this class list will be imported to Tallie under the Classes tab
  • Items:  The item list in your accounting system will consist of anything your company buys or sells. Service items from your accounting software will snyc over to Tallie under the Items tab
  • Accounts: The chart of accounts from your accounting software will be synced into Tallie under the Accounts tab


Please Note: While you can create records directly in Tallie, it is recommended as best practice that data be created in your accounting software first and then synced into Tallie via TallieConnect (for QuickBooks Desktop integrated accounts) or via the Sync Now button in Tallie's Integration & Sync Overview menu (for integrated accounts).

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