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Sending Welcome Emails


When setting up new Tallie users, there are two ways to send Welcome Emails. This article will show you how to send mass and individual welcome emails. 

Ensure that the email address for each individual is accurate. This information is listed in the Personal Info tab.

Mass Welcome Emails

  • To send Welcome Emails go to Manage Lists > People


  • To send multiple welcome emails at once, check the boxes to the left for one or more employees. You may also select all by checking the master checkbox at the top
  • Click on the arrow on the right side of the green Mass Update button.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Send Login Information.
  • Please Note: If there isn’t an email address applied for a user, this person will be skipped.
  • An email will be sent to the user entitled “You’ve been invited by (Company Name) to use Tallie.” Within, the user should click Accept Invite to set up his/her password for Tallie. 


Individual Welcome Emails

Alternatively, you can also send a welcome email while editing an individual user’s profile

  • To edit an individual’s settings, simply click the person’s name. 


  • Go to the Personal Info tab. Ensure that the Email Notifications option is set to Yes, change the Password button to Yes, click Save & Exit. 


  • Here is an example of the invitation Email. Accept Invite will allow users to create a new password. Connect to… will take users to the login page. The e-mail will include links to the Android and Apple Store to download the mobile app. 


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