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Intacct Export & Sync Errors


No Record Export Error


This error occurs when a report with the same report number has been exported to Intacct in the past, and that report has since been deleted. 

Admins should first check if the same report number is in Intacct. If so, the report can be archived in Tallie.

If the same report is not in Intacct, admins should first reject the report. Then, move the expenses to a new Report, submit the report, approve the report, and finally export the report.

Vendor Entity cannot be changed Error


The vendor field cannot be changed in a partially editable transaction if the admin has already exported this expense report in Intacct. It could be from the same enterprise, or a different enterprise. Additionally, that specific report number may not allow for edits. For example, if the report was paid already.

There are a few ways to solve this error:

  • Admins should check the report number in Intacct to confirm if the same report is already there. If so, the report can be archived in Tallie.
  • If the report isn't the same, admins will first have to reject the report. Then, move the expenses to a new Report, submit the report, approve the report, and finally export the report.

Incorrect Credentials Error



This error occurs when an admin enters the wrong credentials, or Tallie isn't authorized to access the Intacct account.

Admins should first check their credentials to ensure they are correct. Your Company ID can be found in Intacct by going to Company > Company Info > General Information Company Information ID

Your User ID can be found in Intacct by going to Company > Users or Web Service Users >Click Edit for the User > User ID. Admins can reset their password by clicking Reset Password in this window. 

If the credentials are correct, admins should authorize Tallie to access the Intacct account. To do this, go into Intacct and click Company > Company Info > Edit Security > Web Service Authorizations > Click the blue plus sign > Sender ID > Add SpringAhead > Save

Sync Error between Tallie and Intacct


This error occurs when a user in Tallie tries to connect to Intacct but does not have permissions in Intacct to access lists such as type classprojectsavings accountcredit carditemglaccountchecking accountcustomer, or vendor.

To access these lists, users should be a Business user with Full Admin Privileges. They should also have access to all entities and departments. If this is not possible, the Admin should provide the user with access to modules and lists that Tallie requires when syncing and exporting. The best practice to do this, is to create a Sync User. This can be done by:

  • Going to Company > Users or Web Service Users > Click Subscriptions next to the user > check off all modules/applications > Save.
  • Then, for each module/application click Permissions > Choose All > Save.
  • Once that is complete, click Full Sync in Tallie.

Please Note: If you do not see Subscriptions for the user, then that company uses Roles and you can do this same process but instead, navigate to Company > Roles > Click Subscriptions next to the Role that is assigned on the user. Once that is set, click Full Sync in Tallie.

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