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Adding Users for the Intacct Sync


If you prefer to setup a specific sync user for Tallie to connect to Intacct, rather than use your own Intacct credentials, you can set up a sync user by following the steps below to ensure that you’re not charged for an extra business user. This article will show you how to set up a sync user for new connections, existing connections, and existing customers with differently named sync users

New and Existing Connections

  • In Intacct, go to the Company menu.
  • Click on the orange plus next to Web Services Users to add a new user.
  • Set up the user to look like the screenshot below, making sure to do the following:
    • Assign the user the ID of “xmlgw_tallie”.
    • Enter "Tallie" as the First and Last name.
    • Enter your email (the administrator) into the Email Address field.
    • Ensure the user is a Business user type, with Full admin privileges.



Once the user is saved, Intacct will email the administrator a confirmation email with the Sync User's password. 

  • Return to the Company menu > go to Company Info > Add "SpringAhead" to the Web Services Authorizations list.
  • Navigate to Tallie Settings > Integration & Sync > Sync Settings
  • Enter the the Intacct Company login name, the User id of  “xmlgw_tallie”, and the new Sync User Password.  




Existing Customers with Differently Named Sync Users

You will need to disconnect from Intacct in Tallie's Settings > Integration & Sync Sync Settings, and reconnect with the xmlgw_tallie user by following the steps outlined in the section above. Also, you must change the original sync user in Intacct to Status:Inactive to avoid any further charges. 


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