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Configuring People: User-Based Approvals


While a catch-all, default approver may be selected, Tallie also gives the option to set up multiple levels of approval. This guide will demonstrate how to configure User-Based Approvals in Tallie.

User Approvers

Specific people such as managers can be assigned as approvers to individual employees. To access the People list:

Click the Manage Lists tab in the navigation bar

  1. Click People.
  2. To edit an individual’s settings, click on his or her name.
  3. Click on the tab labeled Approvers.
  4. Click on the drop-down menu to select a Manager for the User level.



Please Note: The manager must have the Approve Expenses box checked under their Permissions tab before they are listed here as an available approver.  


To add User Additional Expense Approver(s):

  1. Click on Add Expense Approver.
  2. Select additional names from the drop down.

Depending on which option you select (Any approver vs. All approvers), the requirement for their approvals will change accordingly.

  • With Any approver can approve expenses, all those listed will see it, but only one person will be required to approve the report before it moves to the next stage. 


  • With All approvers must approve expenses. All approvers listed must approve before the report moves to the next stage. 



  • Please Note: If you have checked the box labeled Only use expense approvers on this page, the system will skip all other levels of approvers (i.e. project approvers and global approvers).
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