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Release Notes: August 19, 2020


Connect to your Emburse Cards Program

Control over spend and the reliability of your data related to that spend is more important than ever. The introduction of our Emburse Card Transaction Integration enables Emburse Cards customers to connect their programs directly to Tallie via API to streamline the transaction management processes securely and reliably.

The Emburse Cards Connection will largely behave as any other credit card connection within Tallie would, however there are a few enhancements to the experience.


Highlights include:

  • 1st Party API-Based Connection leading to better connection reliability
  • Automatic card assignment based on email address
  • See individual card details with ease
  • Navigate directly to your Emburse Cards Program Card Management page from Tallie

This is the first iteration of Tallie's integration with Emburse Cards, and the ability to interact with the solution will continually be improved.

A few benefits of signing up for an Emburse Cards program include:

  • Enforce Rules at the Point of Sale
  • Fraud Protection
  • Virtual and Physical Cards
  • Cash Back

If you're interested in learning more about how an Emburse Cards Program can benefit your organization, visit the following link: Learn More.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue has been resolved where Non-Admin users that functioned as their company's corporate card administrator were unable to view or assign cardholders without being assigned full administrator rights.
  • An issue has been fixed where the user that created the Tallie account could not have the "Export" permission toggled off.
  • Employed a potential fix that we will be monitoring regarding very large project list files failing to upload.
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