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Enabling and Using Vendor Matching


Tallie's Vendor Matching feature saves time by comparing corporate card transaction merchants to your vendor list on approved expense reports.  If a corporate card merchant doesn't align with your vendor list, Tallie will alert you to make a change.

This article shows you how to enable vendor matching, and how to use it.

Step 1: On your Tallie homepage, click the Integration & Sync tab. From there, click Export Settings. Under Non-Reimbursable Expenses, click the checkbox next to Warn Exporter about unmatched Corporate Card Merchants using Vendor List. This enables Vendor Matching.


Step 2: Now that this is enabled, users will see a warning if vendors and corporate card merchants don't match. For example, start by clicking the Export tab. Here, you'll see a warning that states "Unmatched Vendor" if a vendor on the expense report doesn't match. Click the report to view further information.


Step 3: From within the report you'll be able to see which transaction has the unmatched vendor by seeing the warning on transaction.


Step 4: Next, review your current vendors by clicking the Vendors tab. Here, see what the vendor's name is to edit the transaction with the unmatched vendor.


Step 5: Finally, go back to your approved expense report and edit the transaction so the corporate card merchant matches your vendor name. Once that is complete, the warning will disappear.


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