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Release Notes: March 24, 2021


Ready for Export Notification Email

Under user permissions, administrators will now find the ability to turn on email notifications for users with the export permission. Users with the export permission will no longer be required to log into Tallie to tell whether there are reports ready to be exported in their accounting system. Additionally, there is a new option from the Admin Overview that allows administrators to manually send these email reminders to their export users.

Export Notification Badge

Get an at-a-glance look at how many reports are ready to be exported into your accounting system with a new badge that will appear above your export tab when reports have been fully approved.

Merchant Requirement - Policies

If your users often submit expenses without a merchant, now you can create a policy that requires merchants to be added to expenses.

Bug Fix Notes

  • Fixed a bug where administrators would run into a server error when attempting to remove Executive Assistant privileges from a user.
  • Fixed a bug where ampersands would parse into unintelligible strings when uploading via the csv upload tool.
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