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Adding Transactions in Foreign Currencies


Tallie can accommodate and automatically convert foreign currencies to the default currency you have enabled on your enterprise. For this article, let’s assume you have $ USD listed as your default enterprise currency. If you are an administrator of Tallie, this setting can be found in Company Preferences under Customize. You can also configure individual user's default currency from the People Mapping tab. 

This article will show you how to add transactions in foreign currencies. 

Adding Transactions In Foreign Currencies

Enter an expense transaction as you normally would by uploading an image or entering a manual transaction. Then simply adjust the currency type beside the Amount field.

Please Note: Always remember to add a date to facilitate the currency conversion based on the spot rate of the transaction date. Exchange rates are pulled from


How Data Is Displayed On Reports

Once your purchases have been added, you can add them to reports per the usual processes. Each expense line item will display the amounts in the purchased currency, but the total amount on the report will automatically reflect the converted amounts in the default enterprise currency (in our example, $ USD).

Please Note: For administrators, the amount exported to reimburse your team will be in the enterprise currency as well.


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