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Manually Importing Transactions from a Credit Card


Tallie can be used to automatically or manually import your credit card transactions to help keep track of your expenses. This guide will demonstrate how to import credit card data into your account. 

  • To manually import credit card transactions, click the credit card icon on the Purchases page or in the Expense Report header on the Expense Reports page.


  • Alternatively, go to the Credit Cards page and click the plus icon to the right of a credit card profile​.


  • From here, select the transactions you would like to import and click Import Transactions.


  • All imported transactions will appear on your Purchases page. You can merge them with receipt images, or edit and submit them in an expense report.
    • Non-reimbursable corporate card charges imported from the credit card feed are represented by a dark blue credit card icon.
    • Reimbursable personal credit card expenses have a gray credit card icon.
    • Transactions that are manually mapped to a corporate card will have an orange credit card icon.


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