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Viewing Usage and Pricing


There are two different pricing models in Tallie:

  • Usage-based pricing (Legacy)
  • Tiered-based pricing

Both pricing models have the same criteria for active user: A user is registered as active once an expense has been created in their account during the month.

Creating an expense is defined as any action that creates a new expense tile on the Purchases page. This includes scanning a receipt, manually entering expense details, calculating mileage, or importing a credit card transaction.

Legacy customers who are on usage-based pricing: Your account will be billed the monthly minimum of $50 at the beginning of the month, plus usage fees of $9 per active user incurred the previous month exceeding the minimum.

  • For example, 10 active users in the previous month would total $90, so the additional fee would be $40. Summing up current month's minimum and previous month's usage fees, the invoice total would be $90.

Tier-based pricing customers: Your invoices will include the base rate of the chosen tier for the current month, and any active user overage fees incurred in the previous month.

  • For example, Acme Company is on the Cash Control plan, which has a $95 monthly base rate. In the month of August, 11 users have expenses created in their accounts. Their invoice on September 1st will be $95 +$20 (active user overage for 11-9=2) = $115.


In the Billing tab, under Usage, you can see a visual display of the breakdown for each month's usage, and a list of monthly active users on the Usage Detail section of the Usage page. Click Past Invoices for a more detailed outline of your previous invoices from Tallie.



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