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Downloading the Tallie Integration Bundle


Tallie offers a NetSuite integration to allow for exporting expense reports as vendor bills to NetSuite. To get with integrating NetSuite and Tallie, you first have to download the Tallie Integration Bundle and create an Integration/Sync User.

This article will show you, a Tallie admin, how to download the Tallie Integration Bundle and create an integration user.

Step 1: On your NetSuite homepage, click the Customization tab. Hover over SuiteBuilder, then hover over Search & Install Bundles. Finally, click List.


Step 2: Click New to open a keyword search for new installations.


Step 3: Type Tallie Integration into the Keywords field. Then, click Search.


Step 4: Two bundles are offered for the integration: Tallie Integration or Tallie Integration (No Attachements). Click one to choose. View our article on Opting Out of Sending Attachments in NetSuite for further information.


Step 5: Click Install.


Step 6: Click Install Bundle.


Step 7NetSuite asks you to confirm the installation. Click OK.


Step 8: This is the Installed Bundles page. A red Pending message indicates that the bundle is downloading.


Please Note: The process should take no longer than five minutes. If you find it takes longer, please contact Tallie Support.

Step 9: Once the download is complete, you'll need to create a dedicated Integration/Sync User which will be used to manage the access token. To start, click Lists. Hover your cursor over Employees, then hover your cursor over Employees. Finally, click New.


Please Note: You can use an existing user or create a new one. The key is to make this user specific for the sync. In this example, a new user is created.

Step 10: Enter the user's name, email, and any other applicable user information.


Step 11: In the second-level menu, click the Access tab.


The Access section opens. Enter a password and other required information as you would for any new user.


Step 12: Click the Roles tab.


Step 13: Click the drop-down arrow and select the Tallie Integration from the list. Then, click the Add button.


Step 14: Click Save to save the user and the related permissions.


Step 15: A confirmation message appears. Now you're ready to connect Tallie with NetSuite by following the steps in Configuring NetSuite and Tallie.

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