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Approving or Rejecting Expense Reports


As an approver, you have the options to approve, reject, and make changes to the expense report and submitted content before approving it.

To make revisions:

  • Click on the Report Name to rename the report.




  • Click on any detail on the expense entry to open it for editing.



If you have a copy of the receipt, you can also apply it to the transaction on the user’s behalf:
  • Click on the paperclip icon to the right of a transaction amount.


  • Then, browse for the image on your computer.
  • Please Note:  While approvers have the ability to modify submitted content, they cannot add new transactions to the report. If a purchase is missing from the report, we recommend rejecting the report back to the user so this person will be responsible for adding the necessary information and resubmitting it.

To Approve or Reject an expense report, click the respective buttons on the right side of the expense report.

  • If you choose to Reject an expense report, you will be prompted to Enter a rejection reason, which will be visible to the submitter when he or she reviews it for re-submission. This user will also receive an email notification regarding the rejected report.​



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