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Sorting Your Purchases


If you're looking for some expenses with specific criteria on your Purchases page, sort and filter abilities are available. In addition to the standard expense information such as Merchant, Expense Category, and Date, you can also narrow your criteria to filter and display Billable, Possible Duplicates, and Out of Policy expenses. This article will show you the abilities of both sorting and filtering your purchases.

  • Simply click Sort Expenses By to expand the list of available filters. 



  • When a sort option is active, you can switch between ascending and descending order by clicking Z→A.
    • For example, expense tiles are sorted by date in descending order by default. To view the oldest expenses on top:
      • Select Date in the sort menu.
      • Click Z→A to switch to ascending order.
    • Please Note: Merchant and Expense Category options are sorted alpha-numerically. 


  • You can also enter a date range to only display the expenses within that period.
    • If you’re looking for all expenses on a specific date, enter that date in both To & From fields. 


  • Search is available for Merchant and Expense Category sort options. For example, to search by merchant, simply enter a merchant name and hit Enter on your keyboard to apply the filter.
  • To reconcile the expenses flagged as duplicates or out of policy, select Possible Duplicates or Policy Violations from the sort menu.  
  • Review this article to learn how to mass edit expenses to resolve the Out of Policy flag or merge duplicate expenses.









  • Tallie memorizes your Purchases sorting preference. If some unsubmitted tiles are missing from your Purchases page, make sure there’s no active filter. If there is, simply click the X to return to the default sort and show all purchase tiles.

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