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Android: Build & Submit Reports, Managing Notifications


The Tallie Android app allows users to submit reports and manage expense notifications on the go. This article will show you how to create and submit expenses using your Android phone, manage your notifications, and track your expense report status. 

Managing Notifications

Tallie provides helpful notifications that warn submitters if expenses may not qualify for approval.

  • If an expense displays an orange circle with a triangle alert, this means that Tallie is notifying you regarding that expense.
  • Possible Duplicate: If an expense is labeled Possible Duplicate, that means Tallie has found another similar expense in your account. To reconcile:
    • Tap the expense. 


    • Tap the orange Duplicates banner at the top to view duplicate details. The details will notify you of which expense in the system might be a duplicate. 


    • Review the expenses and choose to Merge or Keep Both. 


  • Out of Policy: If an expense is labeled Out of Policy, that means that the expense does not comply with your company’s preset expense policies. Tap the expense, then tap the orange Policy banner at the top to view policy details. The details will notify you of how to adjust the expense in order to comply with policy.


Creating & Submitting Expense Reports

Every expense in the Tallie Android App is already in an expense report, which makes submitting a report very straightforward.

  • To move expenses from one report to another prior to submitting a report, simply tap the circular category icon next to an expense, then tap the report-with-arrow move button. 


  • Next, select your destination report. If you don’t have any other reports, Tallie will offer to start a new one for you, which you can accept by tapping Move. 


  • On any report, tap the paper airplane-looking send button in the upper right of the screen to submit the report. 


  • blue banner will appear, confirming your report has been successfully submitted. If a report was submitted by mistake, tap UNSUBMIT in the top-right corner of the report screen. 


  • You’ll be prompted to confirm the unsubmisison. Tap Unsubmit, and an orange banner will appear to confirm the report has been successfully unsubmitted. 


Tracking Expense Report Status

Once you have submitted an expense report, you can use the Tallie Android app to track the progress of your expense report.

  • From any expense report, open the reports menu by tapping the Reports screen title. 


  • Every unsubmitted, rejected, submitted and approved report will be listed on the reports menu. Once reports have been exported for reimbursement they will disappear from the approved list. 


  • A rejected report can be resubmitted from the Tallie Android app. First, tap the report name to select the report, and then tap on the red rejection banner at the top of the report to view the rejection comments provided by your approver. 


  • You can tap on any expenses to make any necessary edits based on the rejection notes. Once done, tap the paper airplane-looking send button in the upper-right corner of the screen to resubmit the report.

For more information on how to create expenses in the Android App, see this article

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