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Sending Login Information


Reset Password

As a user, you can reset password for yourself by going to Tallie sign-in screen > click "Forgot Your Password?" > Enter the email address associated with your Tallie account > Send Email.

You will received an email titled “Reset Your Tallie Password” shortly. Click on the Reset Password green button to pick a new password and sign in.


Reconnect Account

If a user accidentally disconnected his/her account by clicking "Disconnect" on the identity page, the admin can resolve this issue by re-sending him another copy of the invitation email.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click on Manage Lists.
  • Click on People.
  • Select the users whom you would like to send invitation to.
  • Click the down arrow in the Mass Update green button, and then click Send Login Information. 


  • Users will receive an email entitled "You've been invited by (Company Name) to use Tallie." They would click Connect To... to re-establish a connection between their email address and their Tallie account. 


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