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Manually Map Corporate Card Expenses


If you do not have a direct corporate credit card feed or you are waiting for corporate credit card transactions to import to Tallie, you can mark a receipt as non-reimbursable by mapping the expense to an existing corporate credit card. In order to map a corporate credit card to a receipt, you must first have a card added on the credit card page in Tallie. You can set up manual card or enter your online bank information to set up a direct integration

This article will show you how to manually mark a receipt as non-reimbursable and merge credit card expenses. 

Map a Manually Created Expense to a Corporate Credit Card

To manually map an expense to a corporate credit card:

  • Click the Pencil icon on the expense tile to edit.
  • Use the "Map Expense to a Credit Card" drop-down.
  • Select a corporate credit card. 


  • The expense will now be marked as non-reimbursable.

The feature is also available through mass update:

  • Select more than one expense.
  • Click the Pencil icon at the top of the page.


  • Navigate to the "Map Expense to a Credit Card" drop-down.
  • Select a corporate credit card to map to all selected expenses.

Types of Credit Card Transactions

All credit card transaction types are differentiated by color on the expense tiles.

  • Non-reimbursable corporate card charges imported from the credit card feed are represented by a dark blue credit card icon.
  • Reimbursable personal credit card expenses have a gray credit card icon.
  • Transactions that are manually mapped to a corporate card will have an orange credit card icon. 


  • Hover over the credit card icon to view the mapped corporate card.
  • Click the orange credit card icon to display the message that explains the card can be merged with a true credit card transaction from either the direct feed or manual statement upload. 


  • You can submit the manually created credit card expense and export this transaction to the credit card register or liability account mapped to your company card
  • You may also merge the manually created credit card expense with the duplicate credit card expense imported from the credit card feed (Note: This must be done prior to exporting either the expense in a report).

Merging Credit Card Expenses

If the manually created Credit Card expense and the matching expense from the Credit Card feed have the same Date, Merchant, and Amount, Tallie will flag the two as duplicates:

  • Click the Possible Duplicate Flag.
  • Merge expenses.
  • The dark blue credit card icon will replace the orange icon. 


If the duplicate flag does not appear, you may manually merge the expenses:

  • Select the expense tile with the orange cc icon.
  • Select the matching expense with the dark blue cc icon.
  • Click the Merge icon at the top of the page (Icon resembles two overlapping receipts). 


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