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Exporting to Intacct


Once an expense report has been completely approved, it’s ready to be exported to Intacct. This article will show you how to configure the export settings and export data to Intacct.

Configure Export Settings

Once you’ve connected Tallie with Intacct, your export settings are defaulted to export both reimbursable expenses and corporate card transactions to Intacct. To review or make changes to the settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Integration & Sync
  • Select Export Settings 


  • From here, leave “I pay reimbursable expenses/non-reimbursable expenses through my” as is (Accounting), and modify your export settings according to your team’s preferences as needed. Be sure to click Save when completed.
    • Users whose Intacct subscription includes the Time & Expense Module will have the option to export reimbursables as Expense Reports to Intacct by selecting “Expense Reports” as the payment export type. An additional drop-down will appear for the admin to select a numbering method for expense reports in Intacct. If Intacct already has auto-numbering setup for the enterprise, it will be inherited here. Otherwise, this will default to Tallie numbering. 


    • Optional: Setup expenses to export reports and bills as Draft to Intacct. Unlike bills and expense reports exported as Approved status, users can make edits to Draft bills and expense reports in Intacct, giving them more flexibility when managing exported data in Intacct. To export expenses as Draft, simply configure in Settings > Integration & Sync > Export Settings > Exported reimbursable expenses should have status Draft. 


Export Checklist

There are a few prerequisites that need to be completed prior to exporting expenses to Intacct.

  • Make sure your vendors are properly mapped so Tallie knows who to create bills for. 
  • (Multi-entity Intacct only) Map each user’s bill export destination entity:
    • Go to Settings
    • Click on Manage Lists
    • Select People
    • Click on a user
    • Go to the Mapping tab
    • Make sure the vendor name has been mapped and saved, then populate the Export Expenses to field with the only available option in the drop-down menu. 


  • Make sure your expense categories have been coded to their corresponding expense accounts. 
  • (For non-reimbursable export) Be sure to map your corporate card to a credit card vendor by following the steps below:
    • Go to Settings.
    • Click on Manage Lists.
    • Select Company Cards (to the far right).
    • Map a Cash Management Account or a Credit Card Vendor
    • (Multi-entity Intacct only) Select the export destination entity in the Export Expenses to field
    • Click Save 


  • (For billable export) If you are billing your customers for time & materials, you will want to be marking expenses in Tallie as billable. Tallie is configured to verify that you have met all the requirements for Intacct billable expenses prior to exporting, which are as follows:
    • The Expense Category chosen must be mapped to an Item that is of “Non-Inventory” type. Items of Non-Inventory (Sales Only) or Non-Inventory (Purchases Only) types are not valid for billable expenses.
    • The Item used for the Expense Category must be mapped to an Expense Account in Tallie.
    • The expense must be mapped to a Customer, either on the expense item itself or by mapping the expense to a Project that is mapped to a Customer in the Project Details tab.
    • Please note that due to limitations within the integration, Tallie cannot indicate billable status on transactions exported to the Cash Management module.  
  • Confirm your Expense Categories are mapped to an expense account 
    • ​Navigate to Settings
    • Manage Lists
    • Expense Categories
    • Select an Expense Category to edit
    • Map an expense account, or an expense account and an item
  • For Intacct accounts that have the Time & Expense module enabled, you can map an Expense Category to an item and an expense account simultaneously
  • Each expense category must have an expense account mapped, item mapping is optional 


Once completed, navigate to your Export page and click Export to the right of the report you wish to export, or click Export All in the top-left corner to export all reports currently displayed.

Export Reimbursable Expenses

To find your exported bills in Intacct:

  • Hover over Accounts Payable
  • Select Bills
  • Click on View to the left of the bill
  • This is what a bill exported from Tallie would look like: 


    • Receipts attached to the report will be combined in a PDF attachment and exported to Intacct. You may click the Paper Clip icon to view it.
    • By default, each line item memo includes “Date, Expense Category, Vendor”. At the moment, payment memo customization for Intacct is not supported.
    • The billable flag and customer field are currently under development.

To find your exported expense reports in Intacct:

  • Hover over Time & Expenses
  • Click on Staff Expenses
  • Click View to the left of the expense report you wish to review
  • This is what an expense report exported from Tallie would look like: 


    • Receipts attached to the report will be combined in a PDF attachment and exported to Intacct. You may click the Paper Clip icon to view it.
    • The merchants will be exported to the “Paid To” field and not the Vendor field.

Export Corporate Card Transactions

Depending on your export settings, your corporate card transactions will be exported as bills payable to the credit card vendor, or as charge-card transactions posted to the credit card account. To view the bills, simply follow the steps listed in section above. To view the charge-card transactions:

  • Click on the Cash Management tab in Intacct
  • Select Charge-Card Transaction 


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