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Integrating Intacct Single-Entity and Tallie


Platform Services or Customization Services Requirements 

In order to integrate Intacct with Tallie, please make sure below requirements are fulfilled:

  • Enterprise package
  • Subscription to Platform Services or Customization Services
  • User must have permission to edit all fields
  • User must have permission to access & edit Platform Services or Customization Services

Configuration Capabilities

  • SmartLinks - can insert a link anywhere in Intacct
  • Smart Events - Intacct can trigger an http post to a Tallie webhook when a specified action is completed (real-time sync)
  • Bundle all of them into a package for user installation

Connecting with Intacct

  • In Tallie, go to Settings
  • Click on Integration & Sync
  • Click on Sync Settings
  • Select Accounting Software: Intacct
  • Enter your Intacct credentials
  • Click Connect 


Syncing with Intacct

  • To sync the systems, click the Start Sync button that has appeared
  • Please Note: Full sync may take up to 20 minutes. You may need to refresh the page to get the progress indicator to advance past 1%. 


  • While Tallie is syncing with Intacct, refresh the Sync Settings page
  • Click on Download Intacct Package 


  • Log in to Intacct > Click on Platform Services (or Customization Services), and select Packages.
  • Click on New Package 


  • Click Choose File to select the Intacct Package that you just downloaded, then click Import. 


  • Once done, you may jump back to Tallie and check how the sync is going. When the sync is complete, spot check your Manage Lists area to ensure all information has been synced across. 


Real-Time, Bi-Directional Sync

When a new entity is created or when a change is made to an existing record in Intacct, it is reflected in Tallie instantaneously and vice versa. Admins no longer have to schedule nightly syncs or install any sync tools and perform manual syncs.

  • Employees’ Class, Department, Location, and Currency will be reflected in their Tallie People profile upon syncing, so admins will not need to populate that manually. Likewise, modifications made to people mapping in Tallie will be synced back to Intacct. 


  • If the Time & Expense module is enabled in your Intacct account, Tallie will sync Expense Categories and expense category names will be uneditable in Tallie. If the Time & Expense module is disabled, we will not sync expense categories, and editing of expense category names in Tallie will be possible.
  • If you’re experiencing issues with the real-time sync, simply head over to Settings Integration & Sync > Overview, and click Sync Now. Contact Tallie Support if the sync issue persists.
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